Search for biggest loser

A WEIGHT-LOSS co-ordinator is inviting Whitby residents to join in a challenge to discover who is the biggest loser.

The community weight-loss challenge runs for 12 weeks, with prizes for those who manage to shed the most weight.

Organiser Melinda Fletcher said: “We’ve run two clubs since January and both have been very successful.

“Everybody has lost weight and inches.

“We have lots of fun and learn about different nutritional topics each week, which helps you eat the right foods.”

The first club, a group of 15, managed to lose a combined weight of 128lbs and reduced their total waist size by 159cm.

The next challenge begins on Thursday 7 July at 7pm at the Green Lane Centre in Whitby and the entire 12 week challenge costs £39.

To join in contact Mrs Fletcher on (01947) 811281 or 07509047324 or email: