SBC train extra staff to tackle dog fouling

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The fight against dog fouling is being stepped up as the borough council trains up extra staff to help out the under pressure dog warden service.

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is looking at training up the “majority” of park staff to act as the eyes and ears of the council, in order to help increase the number of offenders prosecuted for dirtying streets in and around Whitby.

Earlier this year the Whitby Gazette revealed that only 17 fines for dog fouling offences had been issued by Scarborough Borough Council in the last five years - with only five of them being in the Whitby area - yet the issue is constantly at the top of the list of resident’s concerns.

As well as Whitby town centre one of the big problem areas is Robin Hood’s Bay, according to local residents, because there is no summer dog restrictions on the beach.

Julie Noble told the Whitby Gazette at the time: “At Robin Hood’s Bay, we get a lot more dog owners as we have no dog restrictions, and hence poo everywhere, and is it a coincidence we are struggling to meet cleanliness targets?

“I’ve asked my local councillor if we can have at least one side for dogs, one side for kids. It’s just not fair when lazy owners spoil it for everyone.”

Steve Pogson from SBC’s health department told the Gazette earlier this year that it was becoming increasingly difficult for dog wardens to catch everyone in the act because of the size of the borough and that they relied on help from the public.

He said: “In order to bring prosecutions, the Dog Warden Service often relies on the help of the public to feed through information about potential offenders and be our eyes and ears – we can’t be everywhere at once and a borough of this geographical size presents its own difficulties, but when we receive good intelligence we can target the resources we have available to us.”