Plans taking shape for securing future of healthcare in Whitby

Whitby Hospital''w134919
Whitby Hospital''w134919
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The future of local community health services and Whitby Hospital are taking a major step forward.

Local NHS plans to ensure community health and out of hours services in Whitby and the surrounding area are ‘Fit 4 the Future’ are taking a major step closer to fruition with a care provider engagement event being held ahead of a formal procurement process.

The engagement event for organisations who provide healthcare and voluntary services is being held by Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) to further develop its understanding of what services can be provided.

The procurement process includes community nursing, specialist nursing, inpatient services, occupational therapy and rehabilitation services, the Minor Injuries Unit, outpatient services and Out of Hours GP services.

This process is a major part of the CCG’s vision for how health and social care will be provided in Whitby and the surrounding area, called ‘Fit 4 the Future’. The Vision includes 16 key areas for development, including plans for the redevelopment of local community services and Whitby Hospital.

The CCG’s ambition is to increase years of healthy life, reduce the social isolation that unfortunately is experienced by so many people in later life and ensure health and social care services are responsive to people’s wishes and choices and provide consistent care.

Interested organisations will be asked to explain how they will develop or introduce local services for patients with complex comorbidities, dementia and frailty, better clinical input into inpatient beds and improvements to rehabilitation on wards and in the community to support earlier discharge and provide post-discharge support, supporting access to out of hours GPs and maintaining the minor injuries unit, improving access to care records and befriending services.

Dr George Campbell, Hambleton Richmondshire and Whitby CCG Governing Body member and Whitby GP, said: “We need innovative approaches to how health and social care services work together to support people in their local community and cope with the rising demand for services a growing older population will bring. It’s a big challenge to transform healthcare in this way but one we’re determined to rise to.

Alongside this process, an independent options appraisal looking at the future of Whitby Hospital has been carried out.

This looked at options for the redevelopment of site, reviewed existing/alternative uses for the land, identified potential opportunities to improve value for money, and has provided a formal set of recommendations for the CCG’s Governing Body and Council of Members to approve.