New scheme helps carers affected by ‘drug generation’

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North Yorkshire Family and Carers Service is launching a scheme to support grandparents who care for grandchildren as a result of alcohol and drug misuse in the family.

Carol Newmarch, an area support worker for the Service said: “With a marked increase in the number of young people using drugs and alcohol there is now a generation of children whose parents suffer from drug and alcohol related problems.

“We have become increasingly aware that as a result of this, more and more grandparents are having to look after their grandchildren and this service is aimed at supporting these people.”

The service, which is also aimed at carers of young people under 18 who are involved in taking drugs and alcohol, offers a wide range of supportive measures for people in North Yorkshire. Ms Newmarch added: “There is a lack of understanding as to why people use drugs and alcohol and what problems they cause.

“As well as providing support and counselling for grandparents, this service also offers information on why their children might be experiencing the problems that they are.

“In cities, help and advice is more readily available. In rural areas or smaller towns support is less accessible, you can’t just walk down the street and get the help that you need.

“This scheme is aimed at providing support for people who might previously have felt that there was none available to them or were unaware that there is actually help out there.

“If you are over the age of 50 and looking after young children you might feel out of touch with what they need, we are here to help provide that information. It is not just about providing information and advice, we are also here to provide emotional support.”