MP slams health report ‘unacceptable’

WHITBY’S MP has slammed a report which was supposed to set out the future of healthcare in the area.

Robert Goodwill, MP for Whitby and Scarborough, has branded the long-awaited North Yorkshire and York Clinical Services review as “unacceptable”.

It was published on Tuesday after three months worth of work by health bosses and specially appointed consultants, KPMG, which have cost the tax payer £320,000.

It outlines the national challenges facing the NHS and recommends certain aspects of health care such as community hospitals, like Whitby, need to be reviewed.

Reviews are also recommended for nursing and residential homes as well as maternity services alongside a whole raft of other ideas.

It also talks about the need to develop “strategic themes”.

But, the report does not suggest what changes are being outlined but goes on to say “much of what is contained in this review here already exists..”

Mr Goodwill, speaking to the Gazette from Parliament, said the report does not reveal anything new and most of what is being suggested by the consultants would be unacceptable from a clinical point of view.

He said: “We are no further forward. “While I am sure there was some value in the report, I am not really sure whether it is a good way to spend £300,000, given we already have a lot of highly paid administrators working within the health service.

“Why do they have to bring in consultants to provide this sort of report when surely people running the health service should be doing that?

“This report, as far as I can see is a shopping list. Some of the ideas are unacceptable from a clinical perspective.”

It had been hoped the report would go some way to providing assurances about the future of Whitby Hospital and the services which, currently, local residents can only access at Scarborough such as night time accident and emergency and maternity.

Even members of North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust said they were embarrassed by the report and wouldn’t approve it, instead deciding just to “accept” it.

In conclusion the 19-page report says: “The work undertaken over the past few months supported by KPMG has set out a broad strategy across a wide range of areas.

“However, more detailed work is required over the next few weeks to turn these proposals into specific plans for change with timescales and costings.”

Chris Long, chief executive of NHS North Yorkshire and York said: “Trying to get any consensus on anything was a real challenge.”