Hospital tells sick man ‘go home on bus’

Barry Young and his wife Sheila''w132016a
Barry Young and his wife Sheila''w132016a

A grandfather suffering from pnuemonia and heart failure claims he was discharged by nurses at Scarborough Hospital and told to get the bus back to Whitby in the rain.

Barry Young (56) of Auckland Way has now slammed the uncaring staff at the hospital after he had spent six days being treated for the life threatening conditions.

Mr Young was rushed into hospital by ambulance earlier this month after suffering pains in his chest which he feared might be a second heart attack.

After undergoing treatment, Mr Young who was still feeling extremely ill and frail, was deemed by doctors on the coronary care ward fit enough to return home on Wednesday 8 May.

However, with no access to a car and carrying a hospital bag of clothes and without a coat, he was told to catch a bus back to Whitby by the nurse discharging him.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” he said. “It was very busy and I think they needed my bed. By the time my tablets were ready from the pharmacy, the bus back to Whitby had left anyway.

“I asked if they could call me a taxi and they said I would have to pay for my own taxi to get to Whitby.

“I said to the nurse that I thought the hospital has a patient transport service but she said it wasn’t going to Whitby.”

After three hours, staff arranged for Nippy’s taxis who they have a contract with the hospital to take him home and footed the bill.

“I felt very stressed and upset about the way I was treated,” he said. “It was disgusting. “

Liz Booth Director of Operations at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The date of discharge is agreed with the patient and their family or carers, and we encourage people to arrange their own transport where possible.

“Clearly we would not wish to see any patient stranded, but we must balance the provision of patient transport with the need to use our resources effectively.”