Hospital ‘made good progress’

HEALTH chiefs at Scarborough Hospital say that good progress has been made since a damning report was released by health watchdog the Care Quality Commission in September.

The report highlighted 59 concerns about the standard of healthcare and facilities, such as poorly maintained facilities in the A&E department, patients’ private details left in waiting areas and insufficient staffing.

It came under discussion at a quarterly meeting of the Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS health Trust board at Scarborough Hospital.

Chief nurse Teresa Fenech explained that when the trust completed its yearly registration process with the Care Quality Commission in April, three conditions were applied in the areas of medical staffing, medical records staffing and estates.

The latter two of these were removed following an unannounced visit in July, but the commission also indentified the 59 concerns that the trust has been working on ever since.

Ms Fenech said: “We’ve had a series of visits from early December and really drilled down in more detail.

“The minor concerns were reviewed first, then the moderate concerns and a visit to review the major ones took place on January 11.”

She stressed that the trust had only received one written report as yet, which dealt with the minor concerns, but verbal feedback about the other areas had been good.

Ms Fenech said: “The commission reported that their visit had been a very positive experience and we are now registered with them unconditionally.”

Trust board chairman Sir Michael Carlisle added: “It’s a matter of great credit to everybody concerned.

“Some concerns were minor and some were more important, but we got beaten by a big public stick and everyone has worked very hard to put it right.

“That is something we should be very pleased about.”