Hospital launches new booking system.

SCARBOROUGH and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust is introducing a new booking system for outpatient’s appointments.

The system, called Partial Booking, goes live on 2 April and will give patients who need a follow up appointment the ability to choose appointments which suit them, meaning that patients will usually be seen quicker.

The system will also help the trust to organise its clinics more effectively, reducing the number of cancellations and non-attendance.

Sarah Piper, head of operational efficiency, said: “Each month we have on average 3,500 new patient appointments and 8,700 follow up appointments – 58 per cent of these are rescheduled.

“A move to this new booking system will greatly improve the patient administration pathway and patient experience.”

With the introduction of partial booking, patients are added to a waiting list and we will write to them four weeks before they are due to attend, inviting them to contact our patient appointment centre to agree a mutually convenient date and time for their appointment.

In order to implement the new system, there is a requirement to cancel the majority of follow-up appointments that are currently booked after 1 April.

All patients who have appointments cancelled will receive a letter detailing this within the next month.

Four weeks before the follow up appointment is due patients will receive a letter inviting them to ring the call centre to agree a mutually convenient appointment.

Mrs Piper added: “Patients will experience some disruption over the next couple of months while the hospital prepares itself for the launch of the new process.

“We greatly appreciate the support of patients while we undertake this essential exercise to improve the administration process at Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington and Malton hospitals.”