Health trust gets better

THE primary care trust which looks after patients in the Whitby area has been rated “better performing” in a major review on stroke care.

Health watchdog the Care Quality Commission looked at every trust in the country and rated how well they were supporting people who had suffered a stroke.

Trusts were given a score from one (worse than most areas) to five (better than most areas) in 15 categories. NHS North Yorkshire and York scored well in areas such as providing access to a range of services, patients staying healthy a year after a stroke, providing end of life care and working together with other agencies.

However the trust scored poorly in providing extra support to help people return home as soon as possible.

The commission’s chief executive Cynthia Bower said: “Stroke is the single largest cause of disability in adults and our evidence shows that early access to intense rehabilitation is beneficial to people’s recovery.

“Services have made improvements over recent years in the care provided in the hours and days that follow their stroke.

“It is vital that this momentum is maintained and that improvements are made in the care and support provided in the longer term.”

Dr Bruce Willoughby, public health consultant at NHS North Yorkshire and York, said: “We are pleased to have been rated as ‘better performing’ by the Care Quality Commission for stroke care.

“Scoring at this level demonstrates good performance in some key aspects of care and means we have more strengths than weaknesses.

“The results show that organisations responsible for stroke care across the region are performing well and are working together to deliver good outcomes for our population. “It is important not to be complacent and we have already started work in a number of areas where we scored average or less.

“For example, we are working with our partners to introduce six month reviews and we are developing longer term support for stroke patients and their carers.

“We also need to improve the timeliness and format of the information we provide.”