Fundraisers get their boots on for charity

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A CHARITY which gives housebound individuals with disabilities the opportunity to travel completed a coast-to-coast fund-raiser recently.

The organisation is also hoping to get in touch with the family of Whitby schoolboy Dale Milne to see if the youngster can join them for a short break.

The Jumbulance Trust is a small charity with four unique and specialised vehicles which are designed to transport people who are sick or disabled over long distances.

Two of the vehicles are fitted for European travel and trustee Chris Chisholm said: “Our aim is to make travel possible and transform lives through travel.”

The charity is rapidly expanding and so trustees completed the Coast-to-Coast walk in the last week of October to raise funds for a new vehicle, priced at £330,000 each.

Speaking after their successful arrival in Robin Hood’s Bay, Chris, who is also a group nurse, said: “It went very well for most people, although one or two had real problems.

“One chap had really bad blisters and he found it day after day.

“He had to buy new shoes and by the time we got him strapped up he was a goer again, so everyone who set off made it.”

The 200-mile walk is a gruelling test of endurance and Chris added that some of the walkers were surprised by the challenge.

Chris added: “I did about four miles a day, but my husband was leading it and he walked every inch. He’s in his seventies and it’s amazing how well he paced himself, whereas some of the others just didn’t realise what it was going to be like.

“One of the girls actually fell asleep, slumping face first into her soup during her evening meal.”

The fund-raisers are hoping to reach a target of £20,000, which will provide the final portion of funding for a new Jumbulance.

This will replace an existing vehicle and will prove vital as the charity hopes to expand into the Whitby region.

A new North Yorkshire group would allow them to offer their services to locals, such as the family of schoolboy Dale Milne.

For more information about the Jumbulance Trust visit, call (01582) 831444 or email