Dog lead restriction set to stay on Tate Hill

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Dogs will still have to be on leads on Tate Hill beach according to legislation which is contradictory to other parts of Whitby.

Tate Hill is the only beach which does not have a seasonal dog ban yet dogs have to be on leads at all times.

It is unlike beaches in other parts of the town where dogs are allowed off their leads but not allowed on certain parts of the sand during the busy summer months.

Whitby Town Council had written to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) asking them to make the lead restriction seasonal but was told “there are currently no plans to undertake a further review at the present time.”

Coun Phil Trumper said: “This is supposed to be the case for a number of years. I go down quite regularly and there are people with dogs and you never see any enforcement or cleaning of the beach.

“If they took control and did something rather than just send out derisory letters it would be better.”