County council’s strategy to help drinkers abstain

A county-wide strategy for tackling alcohol abuse has been published by public health experts in North Yorkshire during the national Dry January campaign, which encourages people who drink alcohol to stop for 31 days following New Year.

The North Yorkshire Alcohol Strategy 2014-2019 has been developed by North Yorkshire County Council’s public health team in partnership with local borough and district councils.

The strategy’s aim is to work with partner organisations “to reduce the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families, communities and businesses in North Yorkshire while ensuring that people are able to enjoy alcohol responsibly.”

It is based on the findings of an extensive public consultation process which ran during the spring and summer this year.

The strategy aims to change North Yorkshire’s irresponsible drinking culture by encouraging communities, businesses and partner organisations to work with the County Council to reduce the harm from alcohol.

“In North Yorkshire, although around one in seven adults abstains from alcohol, around a quarter of all people who drink are estimated to be drinking at harmful or hazardous levels,” said County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Public Health and Prevention.

“Alcohol-related hospital admissions are increasing year on year, and nearly 200 people die in North Yorkshire every year as a result of alcohol. It is associated with crime, including domestic violence and sexual crime, and features in antisocial behaviour in particular with over a quarter of incidents associated with alcohol in some areas.”

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