Cottage opens its doors to visitors

Victorian Weekend
Victorian Weekend

MULLED wine, merriment and a slice of cake were in store as one cottage opened its doors this weekend.

The 300-year-old High Cliff Cottage has been lovingly restored in a traditional manner by Trevor Walkington, and the Victorian Weekend was an ideal opportunity to show of his handiwork, while raising money for cancer research at the same time.

Victorian Weekend

Victorian Weekend

All the proceeds were donated to Cancer Research UK, and for a £3 entry fee visitors were welcomed inside for a glass of mulled wine and “all the cake you can eat”.

In the kitchen downstairs, lady of the house Lyn Walkington was joined by servants Keith and June Edgar, who astounded onlookers with their psychic skills.

In true Victorian spiritualist tradition, the pair treated visitors to old-fashioned parlour games, such as The Spirit Moves and a guessing game called Black Magic.

For The Spirit Moves Keith, in the role of cottage butler, left the room, and while he was absent a person was chosen by June.

Then he returned and with unnerving accuracy he was able to guess correctly every time – proving that sometimes the old tricks are the best.

A ghost is also said to inhabit the kitchen, which was formerly the donkey stable, although reassuringly it appears to be a friendly spirit.

Lyn opens her cottage, which is also available as a holiday let, each year to raise funds for charity, and she said: “We love it, I’m a fan of Victoriana and we always do it for a charity that’s close to our hearts.”

For more information about staying at High Cliff Cottage, which can be decorated in a Victorian theme, call (01482) 648024, email or visit