Caveman walk for heroes’ charity

Fund-raising caveman Paul Waugh and daughter Rosie at the start of the challenge
Fund-raising caveman Paul Waugh and daughter Rosie at the start of the challenge
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Stilt-walking caveman Paul Waugh completed his charity challenge on 1 October, walking all the way from Whitby to Saltburn.

The journey was not without incident as he was able to act as a good samaritan and even fashioned a pair of old boots to help complete the journey.

The fund-raising stilt-walk was in aid of Help for Heroes and the haematology day centre at James Cook Hospital, and Mr Waugh was able to raise around £400.

Mr Waugh regularly undertakes marathon events such as the Great North Run, the Three Peaks Challenge and the London Marathon, and following his latest adventure he said: “I set off from the Whalebones in my caveman outfit and me and my daughter Rosie (12) walked along the top of Whitby with a bucket, collecting money.

“People were so generous and had a laugh at me in my gear.

“As we walked down the bridge in Sandsend we saw a lady and her husband panicking.

“I asked what was wrong and they said they’d lost their three-year-old son so my search and rescue head kicked in and we started to help them.

“With me being high on my stilts, it wasn’t long before he was found, and we carried on the journey.”

After a quick drinks break, the first major challenge was lying in wait for Mr Waugh.

“Lythe Bank, what a nightmare,” he said, “I stopped so far up and lent against a house.

“The owner came out and I said ‘It’s OK I’m safe’, as you don’t get many people dressed as a caveman walking by, and I didn’t want him to worry.

“We laughed and he gave me some money before I set off again.”

At the top of Lythe Bank he decided to change out of the fur caveman outfit into athletic attire, for rest of the journey.

The next major incident occurred at Staithes and Mr Waugh added: “I realised there was a problem with one of my stilts in that the rubber on the bottom had worn through with the rough road.

“I told my wife, Sue, and we came to an arrangement.

“She had an old pair of boots so we cut the bottom off and taped a bit of the sole to my stilts and wrapped loads of tape round.”

The epic journey ended at the Ship Inn in Saltburn and has proved a success, both in the amount of money raised and in raising awareness of the difficulties faced by the victims of armed conflict who must face a life with prosthetic limbs imitated by Mr Waugh and his stilts.

To make a donation call Paul Waugh on (01287) 654607.