Hawsker '˜Walk to Bethlehem' along the cinder track

Hawsker Methodist Church members will be taking a '˜Walk to Bethlehem' this Saturday (15 December).

Monday, 10th December 2018, 1:30 pm
Carols at the church will be accompanied by Hawsker Village Band.

The walk goes along the cinder track from near the chapel from Hawsker to Stainsacre, starting at 5pm and returning at 5.30pm from Stainsacre railway bridge.

Walkers can join in at either end of the track and should bring a torch.

Non-walkers will be welcome from 6pm in the schoolroom for refreshments.

It finishes with carols and readings in the church at 6.30pm. The carols will be accompanied by Hawsker Village Band. There’s also a solo item by the Windmill Girls.