Hawsker farmhouse extension appeal turned down

AN APPEAL against a refusal by the North York Moors National Park planning committee to allow extensions to be built onto a farmhouse in Hawsker was turned down by a government planning inspector.

Mr and Mrs N Hartley of Moorgate Lees Farm, Hawsker were refused planning permission for side and rear extensions to the farmhouse by the planning committee last October despite a recommendation by national park planning officers to approve the proposal.

They appealed against the planning committee’s decision but government inspector Chris Checkley dismissed their appeal following a visit to the site.

The inspector said that the farmhouse was an attractive, traditional building but the proposed flat-roofed extensions were of a jarringly, contemporary design. They would overwhelm and dominate the main building, upsetting its balance, proportions and character.

Inspector Checkley said: “I conclude that the proposals would cause significant harm to the attractive appearance and traditional character of the host building and would harm the rural landscape of this part of the national park.”