Have your bins been collected? Latest from the council here

The borough council says it will attempt to collect bins in "limited parts of the Whitby area" today.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 1:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 1:35 pm
The council is working to catch up on bin collections.

Severe wintry conditions have caused major disruption to ordinary collection patterns, meaning many bins have not been picked up this week.

Crews are trying to catch up on Tuesday's and Wednesday's rounds as well as some of today's scheduled collections, but their progress will all depend on access within communities. It's highly likely that they won't be able to access northern rural parts of the borough.

Scarborough Council added that it would like to thank all its residents for their patience this week as the wintry weather conditions continue to disrupt collections.

The council’s advice to residents remains the same as earlier in the week; please leave your bins out as normal and their crews will get to them as soon as they are safely able to

do so. The council would also like to remind residents that garden waste collections remain completely suspended this week.

People can keep up to date with information about bin collections at scarborough.gov.uk and the council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.