Have you spotted missing man in Whitby?

Paul Dalgarno
Paul Dalgarno

A missing man who is being sought by police is thought to have been sighted in Whitby.

Officers searching for 44-year-old Paul Dalgarno from Middlesbrough received two possible sightings in the town on the afternoon and evening of Friday May 22.

A further report of a possible sighting in the same area happened on Sunday.

Paul was last seen when he was discharged from James Cook University Hospital on Thursday 21 May 21.

Anyone who has visited Whitby over the last couple of days and believes they may have seen him is asked to contact Cleveland Police on 101 if they have not already done so, although it is possible that he could have moved on since then.

Anyone else with information is also asked to contact Cleveland Police, again on the non-emergency number 101.