Have you got what it takes to be Goth model?

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Whitby Goth Weekend will be the setting for the launch of a modelling competition with a difference.

Alternative Model of the Year is a national model competition which aims to question mainstream views on true beauty, promoting and celebrating diversity in the modelling industry.

And the search for the 2016 winner starts in Whitby tomorrow (Saturday) with auditions being held at the Coliseum from noon.

A spokesperson for the competition said: “ This will be the first time the contest has hosted auditions at the Goth festival and inviting just about everyone to take part.

“You don’t need any previous modelling experience, just enough confidence to stand in front of a camera. We’re open to any professionals out there just as much as anyone looking to start out in the modelling world.”

The modelling competition is not the only event taking place over the Goth weekend as thousands of festival fans flock to the town to see the live bands, meet old friends, dress up and take in the sights and sounds of what is one of the most popular events of its type in the world.

From tonight bands will be taking to the stage at Whitby Pavilion with more music lined up for tomorrow night as well.

Fringe music events are being held at RAW and Abbey Wharf (formerly The Shambles) over the weekend too.

Whitby Leisure Centre is also going goth with stalls selling clothing and accessories.

Whitby Goth Weekend is undoubtedly now one of the highlights on the town’s calendar and a welcome boost to the local economy.

John Freeman, chairman of the Whitby Tourism Association said: “It is a tremendous date now in the Whitby calendar. The income generated by the goths themselves, and the people that follow them is a fantastic boost at the end of the season.” It is still unclear as to whether the swing bridge will be closed to traffic as requested by Whitby Town Council due to safety fears.

It asked the county council to consider it following an incident last year when cars and pedestrians gridlocked it.

Mr Freeman added: “From the economic point of view the weekend is totally brilliant, but it has created a traffic problem.

“We put forward a sensible suggestion and only time will tell whether they have heeded our warning.

“I guess it is not going to happen because I have not seen any signage about the closure but it can be sorted and the danger is the goths get blamed for something that is not their fault.”