Hard up and happy: Thumbs up for money-saving tips

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I thought I would avoid politics this week, I’m sure we’ve all had enough of the hokey-cokey now, and share some tips with you on saving money instead.

If you have children that like the tins of pasta shapes in sauce, then you will know they cost quite a bit, especially when you buy a few at a time. Instead buy the basic brand pasta and a jar of concentrated tomato sauce, passata. Cook what you need each time, it lasts longer than an opened tin and you can portion the exact amount you need, the hole on a spaghetti server fits the exact amount of spaghetti you need for one person.

Pasta takes about 10 minutes to cook so it’s not much longer than heating up a jar in a pan. If your little one likes you can grate cheese on it or stick some chopped sausages in for a more filling meal or serve with garlic bread for a cheap, easy and tasty lunch.

You can also make a cheesy sauce – recipe on my website – and turn it into macaroni cheese. My children love it so does my step-son who is quite a picky eater and he gave it a big thumb’s up. Very simple and very tasty, also you know exactly what you’re feeding them when you’ve cooked it yourself and I can’t stress how cheap they are! The later you can shop the better too, as that’s when items get reduced in the supermarkets, there are some real bargains to be had. If it’s meat freeze it until you need it or cook it and freeze it.

I hope these tips come in handy for some of you and treat the weekly shopping as a challenge and see how low you can get it each week.