Hard up and happy: Make time to replenish those power bars

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Holidays had you tearing your hair out? Have the children used all of your power-ups?

Are you sick of the sight of them? If the answer is yes, then you are doing a great job!

It’s completely normal to have had enough of your children.

I know we like to pretend they are angels, we love every waking minute with them and they are the lights of our lives and while this may be true most of the time, it’s absolutely okay for it not to be all the time. I’ve been known to use the phrases ‘I’ve had enough’ or ‘One day you won’t find me as I’ll have run away and I won’t come back!’

Okay, that was a bad day to be fair, but I can’t stress enough how every parent, I won’t gender discriminate here, I know mums and dads get stressed out, needs time to replenish those power bars.

What other job in the world is it not acceptable to have a break?

I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury of babysitters to help give them a proper rest, but you must find a way of escaping if you feel that you have had enough, and I don’t mean literally out of the door, as much as that may sound appealing!

If you can’t leave the house without a child attached to you, then you need to make time somewhere else. Make an occasion of having a bath, use luxury products, have some relaxation music on and wear a face mask. Take ten minutes to sit outside on your own, don’t feel guilty for using their favourite programme to entertain them once in a while.

I love my children to bits but it’s fine to want a break from them.