Hard up and happy: Live in the present and enjoy every day

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How many times have you wished your, or indeed someone else’s, life away?

How many days have you actually enjoyed and how many have you just looked forward to? How many times have you used the phrase I can’t wait until? I have to admit I have been guilty of it with my children when I was younger.

Waiting for each milestone to make life easier or better. Thinking how I would be satisfied when they could talk and tell me what they wanted, or things would become easier when they could walk instead of crawl.

In-fact if you are waiting for the time to come, where suddenly your life will reach a peak of satisfaction and ease, you will be waiting forever.

Stop letting the normal days be the waiting days. The days you fast forward through life, will soon become the days you want another chance at, the ones you wish you had filled with excitement.

Of course there has to be down days, that is life, but if you can find something to be grateful for or the lesson that needed learning, then they are not wasted days, but the very days that shape you.

So how can we be satisfied in the present? It’s simple really, appreciate the time you have with the people you have it with. That outfit you have worn once to a wedding, get it on, who cares if it’s a regular Saturday? See what the day brings when you are wearing your nicest clothes – after all you can’t stay in, in them, can you? That money you have been saving for a rainy day, take it out and see what you can do with it-even if it’s only to buy an ice-cream sundae. Live in the present and enjoy every single day!