Hard up and happy: Children need to know kindness matters

Amy Kelly's children.
Amy Kelly's children.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more importan to be nice. That’s one of my favourite quotes and how true it is.

In a world where popularity is regarded as the be all and end all, the amount of likes you get determines your worth and having a massive amount of ‘friends’ on the internet makes you appear to be the coolest cat around. I quite clearly, am obviously not the coolest cat around, for having just used that phrase.

How do we stop our children from believing this is how we make it in life?

It makes me sad to think people would prefer to be well-known than nice.

The thought of them getting excited, because lots of people they don’t know want to be their ‘friend’ on the internet scares me. We certainly wouldn’t allow it in ‘real life’ would we?

How can you teach your children to be kind? Is it something they just are?

My daughter, Neve, told me about a girl at her school who people had singled out because she was new.

Neve said, she had told the girl she would be her friend, and she didn’t care if anyone else didn’t talk to her because of it. Proud mum moment!

I’ve never been a follower. I’ve always stood up for what I believe, even if that meant going against the grain, so I suppose leading by example is the best way.

Focusing on the good things people do and acting really impressed when you see an act of kindness will make them want to do it too!

We really need to make it clear to our children that it’s not how well known you are, but how kind you are that matters.