Hard up and happy: a rose-tinted view on life

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Are you sick of reading horrible stories in the news? Have you had enough of hearing about negative things that happen?

Fed up with seeing nasty images or videos online? If the answer is yes, then maybe you need some rose-tinted glasses. My dad jokes to me that I wear them all the time.

I can help you get yours! I understand it’s easy sitting here in the sunshine with the birds tweeting to see things from a happier perspective, but that’s not always the case. In present times where we are having such doom and gloom rained down on us by the media how can we avoid it?

There’s a well-known saying I love and it’s that a ship can’t sink unless it lets the water in.

We have to let the negativity in before it can affect us.

I’m not saying turn your back on things you wish to change because they are negative, because helping the cause that concerns you will help you feel accomplished and therefore make you happier.

I find having a good clear out on social media sites helps, we all have those friends who moan about their lives when in reality their biggest problem is what to do for tea.

Cutting out toxic people is a big step forward, people that make you unhappy or hold you back in any way are best out of your life.

Refrain from commenting or reacting to horrible videos online, as all this does is pass it on like a disease. Life’s much better when you focus on the positives, and believe you me I’ve had a lot of negativity to block out, however I have managed to focus on the good and life is rosy.