Hard up and happy: Take the complimentary challenge

People can't post anything online at all these days without someone finding something to moan about.

Sunday, 29th May 2016, 3:00 pm

I myself have fallen foul to the internet trolls over my blog ‘Hard up and happy’. I set this up to help people live on a budget without sacrificing their happiness.

What could people possibly find bad to say about that I hear you ask?

Well unfortunately some people don’t need a reason, other than to be negative.

Luckily I have acquired a very thick skin over the years so it doesn’t bother me but I thought of other people that may be put off by it.

The internet troll comes in many forms. The keyboard warrior is my least favourite, out for an argument because in real life they would not have the courage to speak their mind face to face. I don’t understand why would someone choose to be horrible rather than nice?

Do they not realise being nasty has a negative effect on themselves too? I wonder, if they tried to be nice instead and ignored what they don’t like in life, how much better they would feel inside? This is where my compliment challenge comes in handy.

I guarantee you, if you give out at least three random compliments a day to different people, you will instantly feel happier. It feels so good to know you have lifted someone’s spirits with a compliment rather than trying to tear them down with a negative attitude.

The best thing is there’s no limit to how many you can give, they’re free!

Heck, you could give them all day long and feel yourself getting happier and happier. We can all disagree on matters and have opinions, that’s what makes us unique after all, but there’s no need to be nasty.

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