Harbour parking money should pay for Whitby's east pier bridge

In common with most Whitby residents, I'm pleased that the east side pier bridge is to be replaced.

Thursday, 20th September 2018, 4:00 pm
The bridge linking the East Pier to the extension is set to be replaced. Picture: Ceri Oakes.

However, I was dismayed to read that Whitby’s contribution was coming from revenue from our public toilets.

I would prefer toilets to be free of charge, but with the pressure on council funds I understand money must be raised, to cover maintenance.

However, setting the charge so high that users are funding other facilities – a toilet tax – is wrong.

Whitby’s charge of 40p is higher than average.

It penalises groups such as families (£1.60 for a family of four!), elderly people, those with bladder/bowel problems – all people we should be making welcome in our lovely town.

School groups come to learn about our history and visit our museums – pity the poor teachers dealing with a group toilet visit!

A recent letter (Peter Croft, Sep 7) claims harbour funds from parking and other charges should already be available for the pier bridge.

He also points out the injustice of toilet charging in the borough, with towns and parishes required to fund local toilets, while Scarborough toilets are paid for from council tax. How much of Whitby’s parking revenue comes to Whitby Town Council? And how much was used for the Tour de Yorkshire?

I suggest harbour parking charges should pay for the pier bridge, and Whitby’s toilet charge should be reduced to a maximum of 20p.

Wendy English

New Quay Road, Whitby