Half an hour would saved Whitby from latest bank holiday traffic chaos

Once again Whitby has suffered traffic chaos.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 10:49 am
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 10:51 am

There are only three main single carriageway roads in and out of Whitby.

If anything happens such as an accident this can cause chaos but it is one of those things, an accident, where hopefully no-one has been seriously injured.

But when roadworks are involved, especially coming up to a major bank holiday, you would think that common sense would prevail and every step taken to alleviate the blockage?

Especially this bank holiday just gone, when it was the final throes of the week-long Folk Festival, a huge success, and the World War Two commemoration up near Whitby Abbey.

But no!

Over the Esk bridge (one of two bridges in Whitby) we have had traffic lights reducing the road to just one passable carriageway, while the swing bridge was being closed to traffic for the benefit of safety to pedestrians as there are so many in Whitby, thank goodness!

The works involved?

A hole in the pedestrian footpath and due to the spoils out of the hole over-spilling onto the road, a barrier put around with an extra barrier to cater for pedestrians, hence the traffic lights.

This led to widespread traffic snarl-up with traffic attempting to get into/out of Whitby or re-directed due to the swing bridge being closed or just trying to get up to the World War Two event or coming down from it.

Movement of traffic was minimal.

Okay, us residents are used to it and try not travel on busy weekends, but of course businesses in great demand need to service the many thousands of clients and tourists.

But the tourists’ impression of Whitby like this must be dismal.

In my experience all of this could have been avoided very simply by removing the spoils before the workers finished on Friday, re-routing the pedestrian access around the other side of the hole in the pavement, putting barriers around the hole, no traffic lights, job done!

I was so incensed by this lack of thought for Whitby residents and visitors I went and took photos to prove my point and contacted a councillor friend of mine to see if this situation could be rectified quickly as it was causing immediate problems.

He sent an email to the councillor in charge but obviously the wheels of power turn slowly, especially on a holiday weekend.

Message to those in charge of Whitby (yes, Whitby is not in charge of itself but all revenue goes to those out of Whitby and we get a little bit back, a bit like the EU).

If you want the success of Whitby to carry on and keep everyone sweet, make sure little jobs like this are done properly, in this case an extra half an hour would have saved many hours of anguish for us and our thousands of welcome visitors.

Ken Hordon

The Ropery