Hair-raising fun at the Dark Arts Salon

Rhea Sherriff-Hammond
Rhea Sherriff-Hammond

The Dark Dreaming Salon will be the theme of an intriguing arts exhibition as part of this year’s Bram Stoker International Film Festival, which runs in Whitby from October 27 to 30.

Decadent Drawing shall be revealing the work of artists from a variety of backgrounds creating in different genres, all deriving their inspiration from the dark side of human experience and imagination.

Neal Harvey's rubber gorilla, photo by Si Mulgrave

Neal Harvey's rubber gorilla, photo by Si Mulgrave

The show will be held at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival at Whitby Pavilion in a grandly faded Victorian space, perfect for a show with a fin de siecle, Symbolist and decidedly decadent atmosphere.

This year’s Dark Arts theme is The Dark Dreaming Salon which will be open for visitors throughout the festival.

Art and artefacts will be available for purchase.

A grand preview party is to be held on Thursday evening.

Elaine Edmunds' work

Elaine Edmunds' work

Here is a focus on some of the artists:

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers is a visual artist based in Scarborough. Her work explores themes of gender, memory and identity using the process of painting, printmaking and photography. She produces photograms by placing 3D objects directly onto hand-coated sensitised paper. She uses objects connected to the feminine and domestic function.

Drawing In Dark

Drawing In Dark is a dark fantasy artist specialising in beautifully detailed representations of the nightmares she lives with. Stephen Under the Bed is an atmospheric description of her best-known creation. His story is told through art and imaginatively presented artefacts.

Elaine Edmunds

Elaine uses all sorts of media and materials to depict memories and all that which is lost with influences from past Yiddish culture, legend and mysticism.

Her work is both figurative and conceptual.

Jeffrey Knopf

Jeffrey is printmaker currently working predominantly in the medium of woodcut.

His original inspiration came from mythology but in recent years he has been influenced by darker folklore traditions in the UK and in Europe especially focussing on the Fasnacht traditions of Switzerland and Germany.

Neal Harvey

Neal crafts latex masks influenced by horror and night mares allowing our darkest fears to come to life but with a degree of mischief and playfulness. He specialises making Halloween masks from his own clay sculptures which are hand painted.

Rhea Sherriff-Hammond

Rhea is a British fine artist working in oils and mixed media from her farmhouse Studio on the North Yorkshire Moors. Painterly traditions and disciplines remain central to her concerns with a love of mythology, Surrealist, Symbolist and Pre-Raphaelite art.

Sian Sull

A contemplative quiet eye crafts a photographic image from the ether.

A mysterious artist whose disappearances solely serve to bring back but only a glimpse of something breathtaking.