Great exposure for Clara’s camera club

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In a previous life, Clara’s on Whitby’s West Cliff was the Pavilion booking office.

Now, thanks to owner Chris Dickinson’s encourgement, this coffee and ice cream cafe has turned into an alternative camera club.

Its unique position makes it the perfect location to take sunrise and sunsets.

Local photographers, especially, have made it their go to location.

Inspired by his clientele, Chris announced a sunset photography competition on Facebook and was delighted to have 300 entries.

“This is the only place where you can see the sun rise and set on this coastline,” he said. “It was during the period of summer solstice that I thought it would be a great thing to do.

Glenn’s image illustrates great technique in many areas.

Marcus McAdam

“People have met each other through this competition due to their love of photography.”

Chris asked professional photographer Marcus McAdam from the Isle of Skye to judge the competition and Glenn Kilpatrick won the £100 first prize and a framed print of his own winning photo, with the frame donated by Richard at Thirkills.

“I’m going to do another winter competition as we had such a great response,” said Chris.

In summary, Marcus said: “Glenn’s image here illustrates great technique in many areas.

“The composition is great, with strong lines going in all directions.

“The exposure is perfect, yet this is a tricky scene to expose for.

“There is great depth and interest in the scene and this allows it to be studied for a long time without feeling tired of the photo - a deserved winning image.”

Neil Sutherland got second place, winning £30 prize money and Marcus describes why he thought this photo deserved its prize.

“Neil’s image captures a great mood and the figures on the beach add an important focal point to the scene - somewhere for the viewer’s eyes to rest.

“The texture in the waves is beautiful and works perfectly with the texture in the sand.

“The only thing preventing this from winning is the sloping horizon - something which many of the entries had.”

Claiming third place was Chris Evans.

“Out of all the images of Clara’s, I liked this one the best as it oozes a uniquely calm feel,” said Marcus.

“The deserted chairs and lack of life hint at the busy day just passed.

“I would have cropped the top of this image just below the vapour trail as this is slightly distracting, but other than this, it’s perfectly executed.”