Goodwill thanks Whitby and makes piers pledge

Robert Goodwill was re-elected as MP for Scarborough and Whitby
Robert Goodwill was re-elected as MP for Scarborough and Whitby

Robert Goodwill thanked voters in Whitby and vowed to continue the fight to save the town’s iconic piers following his re-election.

Conservative Goodwill won a third term as the MP for Scarborough and Whitby, retaining his seat after capturing more than 43 per cent of the electorate’s votes.

Although the Transport Minister’s majority was reduced by 6.200 in the face of competition from Labour’s Ian McInnes, he was nevertheless a happy man following the result.

“I was delighted to receive such widespread support from up and down the constituency, particularly the Whitby end,” Mr Goodwill told the Whitby Gazette.

“I’m very humbled to be trusted by the people of Scarborough and Whitby to serve them for the next five years, I hope.

“I want to thank not only those who voted for me but the ones who didn’t as I will continue to serve them to the best of my ability.”

“We won a clean, fair fight, and, bearing in mind the previous 10 years, now that I have been re-elected for a further five I think it is fair to say that Scarborough and Whitby has become a safe Conservative seat.”

As he prepares to embark on his third term in office, Mr Goodwill pledged to make the securing of funding that will help preserve Whitby’s crumbling piers a priority.

“This government will prioritise spending where it is needed and money does need to be spent on Whitby’s piers,” he added.

“The East Pier in particular is in urgent need of work and I will continue to campaign to make sure that the necessary funding is deployed.

“We have to make sure that this money is freed up as soon as is possible in order to avoid what would be a catastrophy for the town were the piers to fail.”