Go for your own gold during National Fishing Month

Anglers around the Whitby area are being invited to go for their own Olympic gold during National Fishing Month, as the Rio Olympics does not feature the sport.

Monday, 15th August 2016, 7:00 am

Angling is still searching for its position in the mainstream sports arenas.

Although it is a participatory sport, hugely popular on a world-wide basis and practised in virtually every country, general acceptance by those that follow sports is largely absent.

There are no Olympic angling medals at stake in Rio.

There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, most of them related to a lack of understanding about the sport and what makes anglers ‘tick’.

For casual spectators, angling is difficult to understand or follow because the degree of success is rarely visible.

In golf, one can see how close to the hole the ball lands, whereas in angling, fish are usually invisible until captured. This ‘all or nothing’ outcome can be dismissed as mere luck by the uninformed, yet – consistently – the same top match anglers win national, European and World competitions.

More than 4 million people fish in the UK, an audience sufficiently large to attract serious interest by any business selling goods.

The first step to making this a reality is for forward-thinking leaders within angling and from the corporate world to foster relationships that can develop into partnerships of huge mutual benefit. As a general rule, anglers are do-it-yourselfers, and DIY chains, insurance companies and car manufacturers have started to explore giving their support to fishing.

Anglers can fish competitively, seek specimen-sized fish or merely to catch whatever fish happen to come along. This is where initiatives like National Fishing Month can help people to develop a lifelong passion as rewarding as an Olympic medal.

Created over 20 years ago by the Angling Trades Association, National Fishing Month provides an annual focus on fishing activities where anyone of any age can have a go at hundreds of NFM events across the UK.

If you don’t fish right now, there is still time to give it a chance by booking a place at an event near you at www.nationalfishingmonth.com where you can find out more.