Girl ‘impaled’ in freak garden tool accident at home

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Editorial image

An eight-year-old girl was seriously injured in a ‘freak’ accident while playing in her garden at home on Saturday.

Fire and ambulance crews were called to an address on East Way in Whitby to find that a garden fork had cut through the youngster’s foot, pinning it to the ground.

Whitby fire station watch manager Bri Oakley said: “When we got there, the little girls foot was still stuck to the ground by the fork.”

The paramedic asked the fire crew to cut the fork to allow it to remain in her foot while she was taken to hospital. However, the firefighters believed this had the potential to cause more damage.

The fire crew made the decision to remove the fork at the scene as no bones or major organs were at risk.

She was bandaged up by the paramedic and one of the fire crew carried her to the ambulance response vehicle.

She was then taken to Whitby hospital, but not before the fire crew gave her a colouring book and some stickers for being so brave.

WM Oakley said: “She was being administered pain relief but she was very brave.

“There was a little sniffle and that was it.”