German rapper wows pupils in pop concert

Whitby youngsters enjoyed a concert '“ and got to improve their German at the same time '“ thanks to a top rapper.

Thursday, 22nd February 2018, 7:00 pm
Eskdale School German pupils who attended the Chefket concert, back from left: Dan Cornforth, Charlie McKernon, Anna Broadley-Featherstone, Harriet Brown, Mason Chambers and Robbie Summerson; front: Neve Taylor, Poppy Little, Isla Taylor, Luca Bloor, Alfie Weatherill, Corey Grieveson.

More than 400 children from Eskdale, Caedmon College Whitby and other schools further afield packed into Whitby Pavilion to enjoy the concert by German rapper Chefket.

Whitby was one of only four venues on a tour of the UK aimed at secondary school students – and Chefket and his band loved it so much, they are keen to return.

The aim of the tour, organised by the Goethe-Institut, which promotes German culture and language around the world, was to inspire and encourage young people to learn more about German culture and language.

After the concert, youngsters studying German at GCSE and A-level had the chance to take part in workshops as well as meet Chefket and his band.

The Eskdale pupils we spoke to had a great time.

Harriet Brown, 14, was delighted to be given the chance to rap and said: “It was pretty cool and there were multiple high fives.”

Mason Chambers, 13, said: “The atmosphere was really good and was great for learning German as you got to sing along to the parts you really knew.”

Thirteen-year-old Corey Grieveson said: “He took me up on to the stage. I wanted to get up and meet him and was really keen to get involved.”

Isla Taylor, 11, also loved the concnert: “It started getting louder and louder – people started moving closer to the front and some were stage diving.”

Youngsters also got a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes.

Thirteen-year-old Luca Bloor said: “We got to see how all the background music works, the sound production, DJ and all the effects that they have.

“They spoke mainly in English but we got the opportunity to practice some German.”

Chefket is well-known in Germany. His first album went to number nine in the charts there.

His music is a blend of hip hop and soul and many of his lyrics are relevant to the challenges faced by young people both in Germany and the UK. As the son of both German and Turkish parents his songs also explore issues around multi-cultural ism and identity.

Schools prepared for the concert by looking at Chefket’s songs in lessons and encouraging students to find out more about him, his band and his music online.

Ian Bloor, who teaches German at Eskdale, said Chefket and his band “absolutely loved” Whitby and are keen to return soon.

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