Future of Helredale field still uncertain

THE future of the playing fields in the Helredale area of town is still uncertain after a decision about new homes was put off.

Councillors at Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) were set to agree to the building of 105 houses on land at Helredale Gardens and St Peter’s Road at a meeting last week despite the objections of many local residents, Whitby Town Council and even departments within SBC.

But the case was deferred at the last minute.

When approached by the Whitby Gazette about why the item was removed from the agenda SBC was unable to comment.

But the Whitby Gazette understands it was because of techincal and legal issues surrounding Sport England’s objections to the loss of the playing field off Helredale Gardens.

Mark Nicholson, from Helredale Neighbourhood Council (HNC), told the Gazette: “I got there and was informed due to “technical procdure issues” the item was removed from the agenda.

“I don’t think anybody who placed a comment were informed that the meeting was taking place.

“Either that or there are some problems with the Sport England objection.”

Mr Nicholson believes Sport England will withdraw its objection if SBC buys another green field to compensate but says that too is flawed.

He added: “Three problems with that are – SBC reckon the field is redundant as no football teams have been using it, but that is only the case as nobody wants to commit to using it for a season and then find that they have lost it half way through.

“We all know SBC won’t/can’t afford to buy greenfield land as they are proposing to sell some of the properties on the land to finance it, and it would be out of town anyway.”

It is thought the planning application from Yorkshire Coast Homes will be put to the planning committee again on Thursday 22 March.