Fury at 174 home development in Whitby

Richard Lane and other protestors against the new housing devlopment on Larpool Lane
Richard Lane and other protestors against the new housing devlopment on Larpool Lane

FURIOUS families have spoken out against a move to build an estate of 174 homes in Whitby just yards from their doors.

David Wilson Homes, part of the Barratt Group, has submitted a planning application to build the houses – 35 of which will be classed as affordable – on greenfield land south of the existing Barratt Estate off Larpool Lane.

A decision is due to be made on the bid in May by Scarborough Borough Council.

Residents packed a Whitby Town Council meeting on Tuesday to grill executives from Barratt and voice their objections to councillors who unanimously recommended rejecting the £15.7m housing development.

Locals are angry the new homes are to be built on land which is currently classed as being outside of the development limits of the town and that there are not enough affordable homes included in the plans.

And they also hit out at findings from an ecologist appointed by Barratt who says the site has a low variety of animal life on the land which is not at risk from the proposed development – despite residents claiming there is an abundance of wildlife.

Other fears include there could be a flood risk from the fields on the site, there are too many houses too close together and that it will generate too much traffic with just two access points into the estate.

Richard Lane of Larpool Drive said he felt a public exhibition of the plans held by Barratt last year was mis-leading as it did not give enough details about the plans.

“If you had put on this level of detail,” he told executives at the meeting, “These people would have been up in arms.

“There were only 30 to 40 houses with huge green spaces on them.

“Why not move it onto Stainsacre Lane where there is a brownfield site.

“This is open, arable land that for 30 years Scarborough Borough Council said it would never build there.”

Barratt – which said the exhibition was only an outline of what they were proposing – has since agreed to hold another public exhibition of the detailed plans in the next few weeks at Eskdale School.

Fellow resident Karen Woodhouse hit out at the number of direct jobs Barratt claim the new homes would create.

She said: “Two hundred and sixty jobs? How long are they going to last? We need houses local people can afford.

“Both of my children moved away because there was no work in Whitby.

“Where are all these people going to work?”

Town councillor Mike Murphy told the executives: “It looks like you are cramming in rabbit hutches.

“I’m sure local people do not want rabbit hutches on their doorstep.”

But Paul Butler, planning manager for Barratt Yorkshire East told the Whitby Gazette the site does meet density standards.

He added: “The level of affordable housing proposed on this site reflects what is viable for us to provide.

“If we sought to provide more then the development would simply not be viable, wouldn’t come forward and no new affordable dwellings would be provided along with the much needed new market homes as well.”

He said the council’s 40% affordable housing requirement is based solely on need but national and regional planning guidance identifies that need should also be considered against the viability of housing developments.

Councillors rejected the plans on the grounds the homes would be built outside the development limits of the town and that the affordable homes do not comply with existing guidance from Scarborough Borough Council and planning framework the Regional Spatial Strategy.

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