Full steam ahead for schools programme

Brompton and Sawdon Primary School pupils enjoy their visit to Goathland Station.
Brompton and Sawdon Primary School pupils enjoy their visit to Goathland Station.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) is right on track for growth after creating a very successful workshop programme for schools.

NYMR has announced school visits are up by 53% so far this year after launching new marketing initiatives and educational school packages.

The new marketing strategy includes new school workshops and partnerships with educational stakeholders.

Upcoming packages include ‘Steaming through History’ which runs from Monday 6 June to Tuesday 26 July.

This offers pupils the chance to experience a heritage rail journey while enjoying activities with a history guide.

This package also allows pupils to discover why the railways were a significant turning point in British history.

Helena Fox, NYMR education officer, said: “The Steaming through History package allows students to discover the importance of the Whitby to Pickering railway line and why and when we changed from horse-drawn steam. It also showcases George Stephenson, designer of the railway.”

Chris Price, NYMR general manager, said: “As an educational charitable trust we are delighted at the increased engagement.

“Educating children on the importance of heritage railways ensures future generations of engineers and support for the railway. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway operates with the dedication of its 550 volunteers and engaging with today’s school pupils ensures the longevity of the railway.”

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway annual education program also includes ‘Evacuation Experience’ which will run between Monday 5 September to Wednesday 12 October. Pupils get the chance to meet the Billeting Officer who teaches them about air raids.

They also listen to experiences of real-life evacuees.

l For further information about the educational visits, please go to http://www.nymr.co.uk/learning/schools-workshops/ or email learning@nymr.co.uk