Fracking to be allowed?

The Campaign for National Parks has spoken out after the Government did a u-turn and gave its backing to fracking within protected sites.

Last week, MPs voted in favour of allowing fracking – high pressure drilling and injection of fluid into the ground to fracture shale rocks as a way to release natural gases – to take place underneath national parks – one possibly being the North York Moors National Park.

Earlier in the year the Government had appeared to be against allowing the process to go ahead but didn’t make clear how that would happen.

But now it says that it will allow it at National Park sites where the depths are below 1,200 metres.

Fiona Howie, chief executive of the Campaign for National Parks, said: “It is really disappointing that the regulations have been approved.

“We don’t yet know what the longer term effects of this would be on these protected areas, so given this uncertainty the Government should have kept to their word and prevented hydraulic fracturing in protected areas at any depth.”