Fox is the ‘Mayor apparent’

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Council leader Tom Fox will be Scarborough’s next mayor, should the retired policeman retain his Town Hall seat in May’s election.

But the vote to appoint Conservative Fox as the next Mayor was met with opposition, with calls to delay the decision until after the upcoming vote.

And before the meeting, Cllr Fox clashed with a protestor outside Scarborough Town Hall, who claims he was mistreated by the force Cllr Fox was once in charge of.

Words were swapped in a brief yet heated exchange between the Weaponess representative and disgruntled Guy Whiting.

Inside the chamber, Cllr Fox - who hobbled into the meeting on crutches - fended off questions about the protest from Whitby’s Mike Ward.

But fellow UKIP councillor Sam Cross’ call to delay Fox’s appointment was slapped down by the incumbent mayor Cllr Marsburg - who told him the authority would “absolutely not” delay the decision.

Labour’s John Ritchie was voted by councillors to be Fox’s deputy, with the former fireman receiving cross-party support.