Force recruiting new special police officers

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The North Yorkshire Police force is in the process of recruiting at least 70 new special constables.

North Yorkshire Police currently has 150 attested specials, 21 in training and a further 28 awaiting training.

A recent recruitment campaign for regular police officers saw a number of special constables successfully apply to become full-time police officers, and 20 of them attended their passing out parade last week.

The force is also looking for Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

Police Community Support Officers are a critical part of the North Yorkshire force.

PCSOs work at the front line of the force and provide a vital link between the police and the local communities the force serves.

They also provide a visible and reassuring presence on the streets of the county and act as the eyes and ears of the force – building relationships with local communities and business owners, tackling anti-social behaviour and using the information they gather to prevent and deter crime.

Chief Constable Dave Jones said: “Being a special constable is a challenging but extremely rewarding role.

“As well as playing a key role in increasing a police presence in our communities, being a special is a great way to develop skills for life and make new friends.

“You will face situations that most people will not see in their lifetime.

“You will need to draw on your resilience, compassion and judgement, but with that goes the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference to people’s lives.”

Go to for more information or to make an application.