Flower fury over Crescent Garden revamp

Crescent Gardens, Whitby.
Crescent Gardens, Whitby.

Award-winning flower beds on Royal Crescent are going to be removed and replaced by wooden sleepers, steel borders and pebbles in a bid to save cash.

The whale scultpure, which has been in situ for years, is going to be taken out in favour of a wooden replica of a ship’s mast that has a shelf life of 15 years.

Shrubs will replace the bright flowers usually hand planted by council gardeners to create spectacular displays.

A sea-side themed display using timbers, metal and pebbles will be created and protected by a “weed surpressing membrane and cobble mulch”.

An application has been submitted to the borough council by charity Groundwork who say the project will enhance the gardens.

It states: “Maintenance costs will be reduced through the scheme. The planting is more sustainable plants (perennials and shrubs) than bedding so it is lower maintenance.”

However, there has been a different reaction from the Whitby public.

Oilver Dawson said: “I would rather they spent the money on repairing the shelters. This will look a mess in no time and require quite a bit of maintenance.”

Benita Nicholson said: “The flag poles and flags won’t last a minute with the winds we get up here.”