Flight of fancy for Isobel, 92

Isabelle Brown about to take to the skies once again
Isabelle Brown about to take to the skies once again

MOST 92-year-olds would be sitting at home with their feet up – but Whitby pensioner Isobel Fergus Brown isn’t a normal pensioner.

She rolled back the years as she took to the skies in a Tiger Moth aeroplane – more than 75 years after flying one as a teenager.

When Isobel, now 92, heard local man Peter Jackson owned a Tiger Moth she jumped at the chance to climb into the cockpit once again.

They flew over Whitby and the Yorkshire coastline for half an hour, bringing back memories from 1937 for Isobel who first flew a plane in 1937 with her first husband when they were members of the Midlands Flying Club.

Back then you didn’t need a licence and women always wore skirts so when they did a loop the loop her skirt would fly over head and she couldn’t see what she was doing.

She told the Gazette: “It took me back a long, long time to memories of 70 years ago. My daughter asked if I would remember how to do it and I said ‘of course’.

“She said I can’t remember what I did yesterday but I can remember what I did 70 years ago. It was just the thrill of going up and flying. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very, very lucky.”

When asked if she was nervous before going up she said: “I am not a bit nervous. I am not the nervous type, I am too old.”

Peter from Fryup added: “I had to help her in and out but she was very good, full of spirit. She is amazing for her age. I said ‘do you want to do any aerobatics’ and she said ‘do what you like’ – a very game old lady.”