Fishing: Whitby course in maritime studies offers pathway for youngsters

Whitby Fishing School's latest apprentices
Whitby Fishing School's latest apprentices

Whitby Fishing School are offering people age between 16 to 24 years an entry route into the fishing industry, with up to 40 places on offer each year on the Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies – so competition is high!

The Diploma is very comprehensive and serves as a great starting point for those hoping for a career in the fishing industry.

New recruits are enrolled onto the course every 12 weeks; these range from a wide geographical area right across the whole of the UK.

As part of the course, Whitby Fishing School can also arrange accommodation for its students.

This way of thinking enables not only local interest but nationwide access for candidates wanting to pursue a career in the maritime industry.

Whitby Fishing School Chief Executive Anne Hornigold said: “New entrants are the lifeblood of the industry.

“We need to ensure that the fishing fleet can access the fresh young talent and skills needed to make it an effective industry. The start of a new intake marks a very positive start to the year for Whitby Fishing School. The fishing industry is hugely important to our coastal communities and demonstrates how local skippers are working with us in close partnership to ensure fishing continues to be a viable way of life for many generations to come.”

Andrew Hodgson, Business Development Manager at Whitby Fishing School, said: “For many years now, it has been traditionally the local coastal families where fishing crews have originated from, this Diploma course offers school leavers an exciting structured career path with an opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical skills on local fishing vessels.”

The latest group of new recruits started week one of the Diploma course by undertaking the mandatory Sea Fish Industry Authority courses.

These included: Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid and Health & Safety for new entrants. From week two onwards, students will learn the theoretical skills in the classroom: Sector Overview, Communications, Handling and Stowing the Catch, Maritime Employment, Navigation and Watchkeeping, Anchoring and Mooring, Construction and Repair, Maritime Security and Vessel Stability.

After successfully completing the classroom phase, students will then be allocated to a local fishing boat for the remainder of the course, where hopefully they might get a job offer. If you are interested in pursuing a career at sea, contact Whitby Fishing School on (01947) 825871 to discuss career prospects.