Fishing for more business

A SEAFOOD kiosk on the Fish Quay is branching out in a move that will also support other local businesses.

The Whitby Scampi Shack has applied for planning permission for a change of use that will permit the business to sell ready to eat and takeaway hot food in addition to the sandwiches, crab and cold seafood it already sells.

There would be no need for re-development of the building as it already has an open front for ventilation and the only changes would be the installation of a deep fat fryer and a freezer.

But the business says as well as its own expansion it will support local fishermen whom it hopes will be supplying the fish products.

A statement with the application submitted to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) says it would be selling primarily Whitby Seafoods Whitby Scampi.

“We feel that this does not alter the current use of the kiosk in a great deal. The location of the kiosk is on the pier, near the fish market area of Whitby. Whitby Seafoods support local fisherman, and the local fishing industry, by purchasing raw material from them as much as possible.

“Therefore, by developing the kiosk into hot food takeaway, we will be selling local produce and further enhancing the fishing industry of the area.

“There are already a number of fish and chip takeaways in this vicinity, but we are proposing something slightly different. We would like to be able to sell just Whitby products, thereby supporting a business that is one of the largest employers in the area.”