'˜Fifteen minutes of free Whitby parking is not enough'

The Co-op store has made a big mistake in only allowing 15 minutes of free parking, I think.

Sunday, 27th May 2018, 8:00 am

I suggest that someone should try parking near the entrance to the carpark and then walk into the Co-op to the Post Office area, where he will usually find a queue.

After eventually being served they should make his way back to the car, when they will most likely find that it has taken more than 15 minutes – so possibly being fined for being outside the allotted free time.

The Co-op does have a few spaces for disabled drivers but these are usually filled, so many disabled and elderly people have to park elsewhere.

By having the Post Office in the building will no doubt benefit the Co-op but this latest suggestion of only 15 minutes of free time parking will drive people to go to another branch of the Post Office.

May I suggest that the problem could be solved by moving the Co-op Post Office to Sainsbury’s (where there is free parking).

Ron Brooke

Spring Close