Ferret escapes Stainsacre home

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A friendly and cuddly ferret is on the loose in Whitby.

Ronnie the ferret escaped from it’s home in Stainsacre last Sunday and has not been seen since.

Kerri Hutchinson, the owner of the ferret said: “I’d be incredibly grateful for any help as she’s a dearly cherished family pet, I’m heartbroken to have lost her.”

The six month old pet is still not fully grown, and it is not only Kerri who is missing her.

Kerri added: “Ronnie’s sister, Pop is pining for her too, she has been hiding in her cage ever since she went missing.”

Posters have been put up in Stainsacre and in the Whitby Gazette reception in the hope that someone will find her. Local vets and Whitby dog rescue have also been informed.

Kerri just wants Ronnie back safe and sound and said:

“I just want to urge anyone who see’s her to pick her up, put her in a box so that she’s safe and to contact me as soon as possible.”

Kerri’s mum joked: “I don’t think Kerri would be this upset if her brother went missing!”

Ronnie has dark fur with a mask like pattern over her eyes and white bits on her nose and ears.

If anyone thinks they have found Ronnie, please contact Kerri on 07786086847 or 01947 602104.