Father knocked out by hit on head from falling rock in Whitby

Police and Coastguard take the injured man to an ambulance''w133102b
Police and Coastguard take the injured man to an ambulance''w133102b

A father was hit by a falling rock which knocked him unconscious at the foot of Whitby’s East Cliff while on a day at the beach with his young daughter.

The horrific incident took place on Saturday, just an hour after a woman nearby was airlifted to hospital after falling from the cliff. The Straker family from Hull, who had tended to the injured woman, went to the aid of the holidaymaker Russell Parkinson who had blood pouring from his head. Mrs Straker said: “We were just coming off the beach and a little girl ran towards us saying ‘Help, help, my daddy’s hurt’. We applied my new beach towel, which we had used to keep the woman warm, to his head.”

The emergency services, who had just been returning to their vehicles, then went to tend to the man at around 1.15pm. He was taken to Scarborough Hospital and needed five stitches. His partner Sian Lewis said: “He is just glad that the rock landed on him and not on our daughter Morgan. We were impressed with Morgan having the presence of mind to run to get help. She was just seven last week.”

The family from Leicestershire thanked all the emergency services including the coastguards and police.

“They were great, especially immediately after the other very serious incident,” she added. “We’re lucky it wasn’t more serious.”