Family trio rescued from sea at Sandsend

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Whitby’s team of RNLI lifeguards came to the assistance of an entire family who were struggling in the sea at Sandsend on Saturday.

At around 5.45pm lifeguard Santiago Cattoni was on patrol when he spotted a female bodyboarder struggling in the water between the red and yellow flag safety zone.

He radioed fellow lifeguard Sam Broadley to let him know he was going to respond and Sam then contacted colleague Mia Hall, who was packing away for the close of the shift, to also attend the rescue.

Santiago paddled out to the woman and discovered that her husband was also in danger and was drifting further out to sea.

Using his rescue board he managed to guide the couple to safety and they were able to walk back to the shore.

But when Mia arrived on the scene she found the couple’s daughter was now also in difficulty and being dragged under the waves.

Despite being in a very distressed state Mia managed to calm her down and rescued her using a long yellow flexible tube casualties can grab onto.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, James Turner, said: “I’m very proud of the lifeguard team for their swift actions and for remaining vigilant and professional during a multiple rescue.”