Family speak of grief at loss of young Jamie

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The devastated family of a 13-year-old boy found dead at home last week have spoken for the first time about their grief.

Jamie Dobie was found at his Houlsyke home by his father Glen, who said that with the death of his son, he has lost his “best mate”.



The two ‘boys’ of the family would go cycling, fix up Glen’s motorbike, and the pair had planned a night out at Whitby Pavilion to see a tribute to one of their favourite bands, Thin Lizzy.

Glen said: “Everything I did with him, I can’t imagine doing now without him.”

This month Jamie had begun Year 9 at Eskdale School and had started learning German with his favourite teacher, Ian Bloor.

“We were just massively proud of him,” said Glen. “He was bright and he was doing really well at school.”

A rugby player, he was tall for his age and would hug his family to see if he had caught up with them in height.

He would also tease his two older sisters, Ruth (18) and Sally (16) and had a “wicked sense of humour” and a cheeky grin.

“The girls are being strong for us,” said mum Frances. “We are a close family and we will do our best for them.”

The family would often spend their weekends together and just recently had visited Go Ape in Dalby Forest, where in typically daring fashion Jamie had challenged his father to follow him on the most difficult ‘black’ route.

He was also a daredevil, who rode too fast on his bicycle and helped his dad work on his motorbike.

“He was quite fanatical about motorbikes,” said Frances, who added that her son often dreamed of becoming a motorbike mechanic.

A practical boy, he was so keen on DIY that for Christmas one year he got a tool box instead of toys.

In return, Jamie would make his family personal Christmas presents, which his family said reflected his thoughtful nature.

Frances said: “I will miss his grin and his cheerfulness. He always seemed upbeat and laid back about everything.”

On the day he died, Jamie had behaved normally at school and around his friends and showed no significant changes to his behaviour,

He arrived home alone after school at 4.45pm and his body was found an hour later when his father and sisters returned from work.

In the days following Jamie’s death, many people including Jamie’s school and the Houlsyke community have offered the family their support. The family would like to thank these people for their help during this difficult period.