Family forced out in deportation row

A family from Castleton have had to leave the country and are now living in Japan after a deportation row with the Home Office.

Last month the Gazette told how Chiyo Ishiki, her partner Stuart Haswell and ten month old daughter Philomena were fighting to stay together at their home in the Esk Valley after falling foul of immigration laws.

Chiyo, was given 12 days to leave the country or face being deported.

So she fled the village she called home with Stuart and Philomena and has returned to Japan where her mother lives and since wed Stuart using his mother’s ring.

Despite getting the support of Stuart’s family they couple don’t know if they will be returning to Castleton or the UK.

They contacted the Gazette to let people know they had arrived in Japan safely but were still in a state of shock over what had happened.

She said: “It’s been long time. We were been shocked for this situation and took some time to digest.

“Stuart’s brothers and sisters came to see us before we leave and I received Stuart’s mother’s ring. We married.

“England didn’t support us but his brothers and sisters are with us. We are not sure to try coming back soon but we move forward to smile.”

The couple’s plight started when Chiyo applied for a partner visa but were unable to convince the Home Office that their relationship was genuine because they hadn’t lived together for over two years.

They met in China in 2009 while they were both working and Philomena was born in Malaysia.