Extended opening allowed for culture cafe

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THE owners of a cafe in Grosmont were given permission by North York Moors National Park Planning Committee members to extend the opening hours on 24 days a year.

Applicants Mr and Mrs Thwaite of Sandsend Road, Whitby were also given permission to sell hot drinks for customers to take away.

A previous planning condition imposed in 2008 prevented the sale of take away hot food or drink.

Mr and Mrs Thwaite pointed out that their customers may need to catch a train from the nearby rail station and would not have time to sit in the café for a drink.

Walkers who also visit the café may wish to take a drink with them or have flasks filled.

Mr and Mrs Thwaite also wanted to be allowed to open on some evenings for small scale arts events possibly including folk and jazz evenings, poetry readings and travelling community theatre shows.

As there is no vehicle access to the café visitors would arrive on foot so there would be no noise from cars.

The café was formerly the village school which was closed in 1996 because it was surplus to requirements.

There was an objection to the plan from neighbours who feared noise and disturbance from the café at unsocial hours.

But there was support from another neighbour who said that for years Grosmont had been a desert of cultural activity in the evenings and the owners of the café should be commended for their willingness to provide evening activities.

Permission was given for the café to be open from 10am to 6pm on any day. It cannot be opened outside of those hours except for a maximum of 24 evening events agreed in writing with the national park planning officers when the time limit will be extended to 10 am to 10.30pm.